2017 Coleman Hawkins Festivities

Here’s what the Jazz Society has coming up next…


Coleman Hawkins Blues Festival will be Friday Sept. 8th and Saturday Sept. 9th.   The line-up is as follows:

Friday Sept 08, 2017

5PM – 5:45PM     Rich Berry Blues

6PM – 7:40PM     Brody Buster OMB

8PM – 10:00PM   The MGDs

Saturday June 10, 2017

2PM – 2:45PM          St. Joseph Blues Academy Students

3PM – 4:30PM          Dave Hays & Pedro Squella

4:50PM – 6:20PM    Scottyboy Daniel Blues Band

6:40PM – 8:10PM     Kansas City Boogie

8:30PM – 10:00PM   Brick Fields


REMEMBER:  Food vendors, drink concessions, Art and Crafts open at least 1 hour prior to music starting each day