Upcoming Events

Here’s what the Jazz Society has coming up next.

Coleman Hawkins Blues Festival!  Come out and join the fun!

Friday September 11th Line Up:
6:00-7:40 pm Hudspeth and Taylor
8:00-10:00 pm  Hatchlings

Saturday September 12th Line Up:
3:00-4:30 pm Rich Berry

4:50-6:20 pm Coyote Bill’s Band
6:40-8:10 pm  Dave Hays
8:30-10 pm  Katy and the Girls

All art displays, food, and drink vendors are open to serve you at least 1 hour prior to the music each day.

Bring your own chairs and come early to get a spot to enjoy what is to be some great blues music.

To see the great times we had at the 2014 Festivals, click here